adrenergic fibers

adrenergic fibers
адренергические (нервные) волокна
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адренергические (нервные) волокна

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  • adrenergic fibers — nerve fibers, usually sympathetic, that release epinephrine or related substances as neurotransmitters …   Medical dictionary

  • adrenergic receptor — a site on an effector organ innervated by postganglionic adrenergic fibers of the sympathetic nervous system, classified as either α adrenergic or β adrenergic according to its reaction to norepinephrine and epinephrine, as well as to… …   Medical dictionary

  • adrenergic — 1. Relating to nerve cells or fibers of the autonomic nervous system that employ norepinephrine as their neurotransmitter. Cf.:cholinergic. 2. Relating to drugs that mimic the actions of the sympathetic nervous system. See α a. receptors, under… …   Medical dictionary

  • accelerating fibers — accelerator fibers adrenergic fibers that transmit the impulses that accelerate the heartbeat; called also augmentor or cardiac accelerator f s …   Medical dictionary

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  • Fiber — The parts of plants that cannot be digested, namely complex carbohydrates. Also known as bulk or roughage. Complex carbohydrates from plants are rich in starch and fiber. Examples of plants that provide complex carbohydrates (fiber) are fresh… …   Medical dictionary

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  • effect — The result or consequence of an action. [L. efficio, pp. effectus, to accomplish, fr. facio, to do] abscopal e. a reaction produced following irradiation but occurring outside the zone of actual radiation absorption. additive e. an e. wherein two …   Medical dictionary

  • Eccrine sweat gland — Latin glandula sudorifera merocrina; glandula sudorifera eccrina Code TH H3. …   Wikipedia

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